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HR TECH WORLD - Mark Juud Workday

Mark Judd, former Rolls Royce HR IT and Services Solutions Director, recently joined Workday as VP HCM Product Strategy, EMEA bringing over thirty years of HR delivery capability in aerospace, automotive and professional services to the organisation. An experienced global HR Director, Mark is able to connect reallife customer experience with technology innovation having rolled out Workday in his previous role. At Workday, he is focused on helping customers and prospects understand Workday´s technology and how it addresses specific business needs. His understanding of the macro business environment is helping customers to respond to the challenges and opportunities they face today, while looking ahead to future innovation and what is possible in HR IT.

In this interview Mark was able to provide insight into Workday’s collaboration with customers as a former member of the Workday Community, which is focused on constant innovation and customer satisfaction as critical pillars of the success of Workday’s business.
At the HR Tech Workday hosted their own events for their community. One event for example was executed by Workday customer Phillips explaining to the Workday user community how their HR processes were taking advantage of the latest technology available.

Many Workday users at the HR Tech event are facing the same challenges like how to deal with Legacy systems, Multiple platforms and being geographically dispersed.
They see Workday as a catalyst in opportunities to transform their business today in the agile environment they are operating in.
Data and analytics is the new valuable commodity and getting it, accessing it and understanding it will make the key difference.

The role of HR is changing rapidly and IT will play a major role in providing quality of service and speed in delivering better insights.
For the Workday community there is now the general availability of Workday Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) a cloud service that provides valuable data to customers to enable more informed decision-making.

The first service delivered on the DaaS offering, Workday Benchmarking, provides key metrics to customers seeking a better understanding of their company’s relative performance in comparison to peers to help achieve optimal performance in their respective markets.
Mark ended the interview with emphasising the importance of the new GDPR legislation introduction in Europe in May 2018.


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